Villa Vanthilt


Internationals were guest at tv-show Villa Vanthilt to perform the single Summer. Check out he facebook if you missed it !

De Roma


Next week one of our last shows this year at the Roma. Also featuring Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Tom Barman, Stef Camil, Tom Van Laere and many others. Make sure you get there for a spectacular night !




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Buggenhout beukt






CC Dendermonde


  • foto
  • With Fun-kee-ara-bee
  • 2002 - Haiku Records
  • Fun-Kee Ara-Bee
  • No Problem
  • Jackpot
  • Happy Gladiator
  • Afrikan Ska Safari
  • Un Classico
  • Bang Bang
  • Dr. Brady Barr
  • Ska 01
  • The Maharajah
  • Dos Melones Grandes
  • Ranchero
  • Jellybean Bonanza
  • Luna Llena
  • E.L.S.
  • Goe Bezig
  • Bossteady
  • Festorian Hop
  • The Monkey
  • Need a Need
  • Fuzzy
  • Champs Elysee
  • Theme from 'Red Beaty Saloon'
  • Melodix
  • The Prophecy
  • Thirty-three
  • Easy Chopping
  • Eggs or Cups
  • Cape Ska
  • High Grass
  • You're So Fine
  • Out of The Cold
  • Wonders Of The World
  • Summer
  • Closer
  • Jungle's Gone
  • Miss you
  • Today
  • Shoulder
  • Mousetrap
  • Plain Red
  • The Chubby
  • Bouncer
  • Call Me (Off)

Over the years, Internationals have come to be known as a high-quality band in the Belgian music scene. Once started as an old school ska band, they evolved into one with its own vintage sound – still rooted in Caribbean dance music but influenced by afrobeat, calypso, soul and so on.
After a three-year break, Internationals have returned with a fresh album and some new but experienced band members: Lize Accoe (vocals) and Marc Tee (guitar, vocals).
Lize’s voice takes the lead on Internationals’ fourth album after their previous mainly instrumental albums. Internationals’ recognizable sound has not changed – in that way both Lize Accoe and Internationals have found their ‘something missing’.
It must be said that this combination was a direct hit. Three words describe their joined forces even more than their separate careers ever have before: sea, sex & sun.
Marc Tee already produced Internationals’ debut album The People Love It (2003). Since then the two kept in touch, until finally deciding to keep working together. Mark Tee produced the new album, and again he did a marvelous job. Earlier on he already worked with bands such as Noordkaap, Soulwax, the Scabs and several rhythm & blues bands.

The new songs have got this unmistakable retro feel and sound, but at the same time they are very smooth and contemporary.
In the past, Internationals have proved themselves to be perfectly suited for reggae and ska festivals, and have performed on some of Belgium’s main festivals (Pukkelpop) and concert halls (AB, De Vooruit). The group has climbed the stage abroad as well, such as in The Netherlands (Melkweg).

The band started in 1998 by covering traditional ska – to follow the example of the Skatalites. Together with bands such as Wawadadakwa and Think Of One, Internationals have enriched the Antwerp party scene with their music. Under the care of Tops and Revalk, the band recorded their first EP in the Wizards of Ooze studio. Soon it was clear that Internationals had developed their own style.Even though they keep looking for the right sound and feel, they feel it is important to be influenced by others without copying their work.
They shared its identity with the world for the first time with The People Love it (2003). From then on, the band was occupied with performances on several festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands – most festivalgoers have been able to watch them.

Wonders Of The World (2006) went a bit further in professionalizing Internationals’ compositions and sound – the band continuously strives to perfection. Again the audience was offered the chance to experience this live.
Now Lize Accoe’s soulful voice adds the extra dimension to appeal to a larger public. The band is ready for a new chapter in its history – ready to grab each opportunity to charm the public with its catching warm groove and to move them towards the dance floor.


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